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Originally Posted by Amen-Moses
The problem is that if you want to compare prices then you have to compare like with like and the OEM copy price should not be compared with the full version of Tiger becasue they are not licenced the same.
True, another thing to consider is the fact that Microsoft offers "Upgrade" versions, which can be found for pretty cheap sometimes.

Assuming you actually abide by the license agreements and you are a single user, there is not really one that is always cheaper, depending on when you buy and how you buy it can go either way. If you bought an OEM version of Windows XP Home when if first came out for $100, installed it on a computer and have used that computer till now it would have cost you total $100, but if you bought a Mac around that time in 2001 with OS X 10.1 on it, then kept it till now but purchased every upgrade you would have spent $260 not including the fact that part of the price of the computer you bought went towards the operating system. There would also be times when Windows XP could be more, if you are the kind of PC user that buys OEM, but insists on building a new computer every year, you could have easily spent $400 on OEM versions since it came out. There is also the possibility that that same user could have also bought a full version for $200 and that would have been all they spent for the last 4 years.