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Thank you for your suggestion, but I'm not all that keen about buying more hardware just to create a place to park my C CC or Super-Duper clone. I'm even less enthused about parking backup on my own drive. If I had any sense, I'd figure out a way to park my puny collection of MBs amongst Google's staggering skillions of GBs. It would be be like a grain of sand in the whole of the Sahara Desert.

I'm going to hang in there and do nothing rash. I'm convinced a pair 14 year old kids with pimples are already divining a way to make a profit helping hapless guys like me to download their Macs and PCs online for a modest fee, then store all that drivel for another modest fee, and then charge yet another modest fee for relinquishing stewardship of the drivel. This stuff is what we once characterized as irreplaceable and priceless but sadly, it was in fact, only crap.

Were I a kid of 77 instead of a beat-up old 87, I'd already be making quarterly payments on the stunning profits i'd be making taking care of nitwits like me.
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