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When you deleted the files on your Mac did you empty the trash also? Things are not really deleted unless you empty the trash. That's a common mistake people do. Place the card in your Mac and then check the trash. You will probably see all the files waiting to be deleted. Delete the trash while the card is connected to get rid of the files.

For your phone's Micro SD you probably formatted your card to Mac's file format which your phone doesn't seem to be able to read. Look at your owner's manual, search the internet, or call up your phone's support number to find out what file format the Micro SD card needs to be formatted to.

If your phone has a format feature then you should use that. If it doesn't you can try formatting to FAT32 in your Mac and see if that works. Since it sounds like you have always formatted in Windows in the past then the file format has to be either NTFS or FAT32.
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