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Originally Posted by mynameis
UK laws/license agreements must be very different than US laws/license agreements when it comes to this, here in the States one copy of OS X that costs $130USD can be installed on only one computer legally.
Nope they are the same, that was my point.

There is nothing stopping you from using Tiger on more than one machione if you don't mind breaking the law and in a similar way there is nothing stopping you using an OEM copy on a new motherboard (if MS allows it) except the license agreement.

The problem is that if you want to compare prices then you have to compare like with like and the OEM copy price should not be compared with the full version of Tiger becasue they are not licenced the same.

In fact seeing as how a full version of Tiger contains all the developer tools what you should be comparing is a full version of XP-Pro + the developer tools with Tiger in which case there is no competition as XP is then a whole order of magnitude more expensive!