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Originally Posted by toMACsh View Post
"Honey, I told you that would happen, but you didn't listen to me."

Wife picks up Dell and smashes husband over the head with it. When he comes to, he finds that she has taken over his MacBook.

"This is so much better, sweetie."

And they live happily ever after...


It all started in my house with the Mrs. wanting a light and portable computer. The MBA was new and we bought one for her. Slowly Apple permeated the house and my lowly Windows box (only used for some gaming and as a file server) sits in the basement all alone.

Don't get me wrong, I know that Dell has CS issues and I am certain that some folks can rattle off the horror stories but sometimes the ones we hear are due to the complainer rather than the company. Would I buy a Dell again? Only if I was forced to do so. I like my Mac and won't be going back to Windows anytime soon.
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