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Originally Posted by dan828
OEM does not become "useless" if you change motherboards.
According to the licence it does. MS are under no obligation to allow you to reactivate it and for customers outside of the US they pretty much don't.

A full version of XP is reactivateable with a phone call (good luck getting through btw) if you've exceeded the dozen or so alterations to the system that will deactivate it but the OEM has no such requirement, a single mobo change invalidates the licence. If you read the licence you will also find that the OEM copy is non-transferable so anyone other than a hardware seller who gives you a copy is breaking the law even if they give it to you with the original machine it was installed on. Luckily for me I am a hardware seller so when I sell hardware with an OEM copy installed I'm in the clear but even then I've been stung a few times when I've had a mobo failure after installing and basically had to trash the OEM disc as useless.

Otoh a single user Tiger disc can be installed on as many systems as your conscience will allow.

Personally I always operate within the licence agreements which is why I've purchased a 5 system family installation of Tiger.