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Ok I'll give it a go:

1) Personal Preference. If you feel like you want top of the line performance, then go with the Pro. But a Macbook will do you just fine, as long as you do a couple things. Lots of video editing means you should probably upgrade the RAM and get a bigger hard drive if you choose to go with a MacBook. A pro will probably have enough in the base model to suit your needs.

2) Yes, Office for mac is available. It is a little pricey, but there are cheaper/free alternatives if you want to explore those before buying ms office.

3) Partly True, OS X is very good at managing your hardware and extending its full potential. But the core 2 duos in the current model are still good, solid processors and you shouldn't have any problems.

4) As I said, OS X runs much cleaner than Windows can usually take care of itself for the most part. But using a program like OnyX every couple months will really help keep your mac running at top speeds.

5) The batteries last for around 1000 cycles, which is long for some but not long enough for others. Try to be smart about your battery use and follow the guidelines that apple gives you (like calibrating every once and a while). But when the battery does go, its about 200$ (depending on where your from) for apple to take out the old one and install a brand new one.

6) Apple's quality is what separates them from other companies. The laptops are built very solidly, and they are only one piece; therefore they are more structurally sound. Heat is very rarely and issue, but if it is there is a free app called SmcFanControl which allows you to boost your fans until the laptop is cooler.

7) All the processors in them right now are fast enough. But the new release will have greatly improved processors, all you have to do is wait...

8) YES. The new Macbook's and macbook pros should have intel's new core i5/i7's in them, and well as improved graphics cards, plus better battery management. I doubt blu-ray though. But I strongly suggest you wait for these to be released, they are way overdue for an update and will be coming out by June (or earlier)

Well, good luck, hope you find a good mac that can save you from the PC world

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