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HI guys and girls.....well as it says im looking at some point in the near future buying a macbook pro the top of the range one with 17inch screen i just have a few querys having only ever used a laptop or tradtional windows computer before and never touching a apple apart from ipod touch and stuff of course.

1. Do i really need a Macbook pro more than a normal laptop. Let me clarify im basically looking to replace a 5 year old laptop and fancy a change, windows 7 is good but i have a big base computer for using that. A Mac is going to cost me twice as much for half as much hardware wise compared to a notebook. My tasks are basic office tasks like word powerpoint and that kinda thing...Video editing..lots of it...normal multimedia use, email and internet...basically the stuff that everyone else does with a laptop. Not really games though but a good graphics card is a must.

2. Will i still be able to use Microsoft office?

3. Looking at the hardware specs the Macbook pro uses fairly low end processors compared to what you get in a equiv priced laptop...does this mean you dont need as much processing power as you do for a windows laptop?

4. Im aware Mac software is much quicker and doesnt get the slow down issues that afflict windows machines after a period of this really true?

5. WHat happens when the internal battery it replaceable and is it expensive?

6. How reliable and well made are these products...their so thin so is heat ever an issue? If im spending 2k i want it to last me a Lonnnnnnnnnng time!

7. How fast does it need to be?

8. Are there likely to be any new updates to the model lines comming soon..i heard that blu-ray and a new processor might be on the way soon....anyone in the know?

A lot of questions i know but i really want to make sure its what i want before i blow away 2k. Thanks peeps!
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