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Hey guys & Girls!!!

Im a Macbook user! I have a Macbook Pro with Snow lepard! Im Not really Computer literate but I know a few things! I just bought a "New" used iBook G3 Clamshell and now I have a few Qustions!!!

I am Running OS X 10.4.11
processor 466MHZ

First I was trying to D/L an updated iTunes (so i can use my iPod&iPhone), Limewire for music d/l & safari but in my Downloads window it says it cannot be create file. What am i doning wrong?

next i was wondering is there more RAM I can install than 576MB? if so where and how do you do it?

Lastly I would like to know what is the latest program version I can install on the iBook.

Thank you very much for all the help!!!
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