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Originally Posted by Collin Bl View Post
My take is that Macs strive for a reliable connection and having a Linksys and a D link in series is going to give you drama..............

Yep, that is what I have had.

""unless you know how to fiddle with all the settings""..............Which I am hoping to be able to do with some guidance.

""and it probably will never work with iChat audio/video"".........No problem there, don't use either.

""Second issue is our Telecom gave out those D Links out like candy - any time you complained they gave u another one""..........I am on my second one, the first one bricked in the first day.

""A number of bods i have helped have had no troubles after we ditched the 502 - so that may be a good starting point"".......... If I had some spare cash, that would be option 1 for sure. A nice combined Modem Router. :-)

Does the Linksys not have a modem?
Nope :-(
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