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2 Macs (10.6.2), a Wireless Router Linksys WRT54GL, a D-Link ADSL2 Modem DSL-502T (genII).

At present the modem is set to DHCP disabled, and the router is the DHCP server. (I tried it the other way around also, but it would not work either)
The Router is in Router mode (v's Gateway mode).
The router has a Starting IP of
In Network Config. Airport, Ethernet and USB are all set to IPv4 using DHCP (not manually)

The current situation is that the wireless LAN is working perfectly, and the modem has an active connection to ADSL service. The modem and the router will not communicate, so I have no internet on airport (LAN)
The only way I can get internet to both Macs is to have one Mac plugged directly into the modem via ethernet, and the other plugged into the modem via USB.

How do I get the router ( to talk to the modem (

Is the ethernet cable form the router to the modem supposed to be plugged into one of the routers ethernet ports, or the Internet port? (I have read conflicting tutorials on this, and have tried both ways without success)

It it almost midnight here and I have been working on this all day, so if anyone does offer assistance, I thank you in advance, but I will not see the reply posts until tomorrow, just so you don't think that I can't be bothered responding.

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