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Hi all.

For the last half year or so, my MBP has been just incredibly slow. To give you an idea, it takes about 60 - 90 seconds to launch Entourage, 15 - 30 seconds to launch Firefox (very few add-ins), and even 2 - 4 seconds to register a right click. Nothing on the computer is quick; this is not isolated to specific programs.

I upgraded my RAM a while ago, so I'm running 4 GB. When things are particularly bad, I launch Activity Monitor, and I have 2.7 GB free, which is a ton.

My hard drive has about 11 gigs free, so I don't think that's a problem.

I did some homework before posting. I ran all the default Onyx scripts (and I have the most updated version of Onyx), and I did a virus scan of my files (no virus).

I even tried little tweaks like taking files off my desktop, clearing cache, etc. I'm at a loss and don't know what to try next.

Help is really appreciated. My productivity is awful low.
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