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Well, I spent another hour on it before turning in looking for loose, pinched or otherwise errant wiring..didn't see anything obvious. I did notice that with the cover off and the big black flap lifted away all is well. If I lower the flap only far enough for it to touch the big heat sink next to the infrared board it shuts down immediately like you pulled the plug. It's like there shouldn't be metal to metal contact right there but there is no insulation to prevent it. There is a small mylar sticker on the flap for the infrared but it doesn't keep the metastasized flap away from the heat sink. It's like it's providing a ground path for something it shouldn't be. Any thoughts on how that flap should be tucked in or insulated? Do those small cloth covered foam rubber blocks around the edges have some electrical (grounding) function along those lines because one came loose and I'm not sure where it goes? I'm trying to find a service manual download now that may have some good illustrations.
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