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You're right about the infrared board. It sits in there a little crooked and springy so I'll have to look again at that plus misplaced or pinched wires but I work pretty carefully as a rule. As far as the insulation goes the adhesive on the edges has lost much of it's stick so I added some cellophane tape to hold it in place. Maybe the wrong place..i'll look again at that. What seems strange to me is with the computer up and running with the cover off I watched half a movie no problems. While it was still running I very carefully put the cover back on including iSight harness and it stayed on fine until I squeezed the bottom together a little bit near the apple. Something is definitely out of place and I'll have to spend some more time on it tomorrow. Too late, now, but thanks very much for your valuable input. Always helps to be able to talk things like this over with someone who knows what they're talking about.
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