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I agree with Doug as well. I only asked because your opinions are just as the8thark said, you give real reasons.

I as well see the niche, and I may possibly fit into that niche. I do have an iPod touch, but it stays in the car. I have never used it to surf the web or check email since I have installed my new head unit, which was summer. I just want to be able to instantly get on the internet and chill in by bed, on the couch, or upstairs in the kitchen. Since I always get emails, I can do email better (email on my phone by the way is absolutely horrifying). Just those small things I want to do faster, easier, and simpler.

When it comes down to the GUI, keeping it similar to the iPod/iPhone was the point. I believe it was stated in the Keynote that the interface would stay the same so anyone who picked up an iPad that owns/has owned an iPod touch or iPhone will know exactly how to navigate, know exactly what to do. I ask the questions, why should we have to learn *another* new environment? Why should it *have* to be different and complex? I say it shouldn't. There are people who would probably disagree with me, but this is my opinion.

Now not having USB ports or other related ports on it, I have no comment. I don't normally hook things up unless it's my external hard drive and second monitor for my MacBook. Even then, they aren't always hooked up. So I won't say much, since I don't really have a position. I wouldn't care either way.

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