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The subject line says it all...

The issue is that the late 2009 17" macbook pro unibody will not power on and the bottom case cover has been replaced, meaning it does not have the original serial number that was laser etched in. I am trying to locate the serial number of the machine, but again, it does not turn on so I cannot just go to "About This Mac." So my question is: is there anywhere on the logic board I can look for the serial number? I have some good eyes so i don't mind looking for any of the small characters on the board. The numbers on the RAM casing on the late 2008 model was the actual serial number. But the numbers now on the late 2009 ram case are not the serial number. I tried typing it into Apple's support site for warranty verification, but it is not correct. It looks like the actual serial because it starts with a W8921...but the numbers after those characters make it an invalid serial number.

And incase you are wondering, I bought it used and it was working fine when I bought it. The back cover was already replaced when I purchased it, so it never had the serial. But I do recall seeing the serial in "About This Mac," only thing is that I never bothered to write it down. Now that the computer won't turn on, this big investment of mine is just a heavy paperweight! =(

Any assistance would be appreciated...Thank you!
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