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Ok normally I have no issues with this program, I honestly love it. Today I was trying to burn the "protected" files I've had and can't burn with my MP3 stuff so I CAN burn them with my MP3s and make a nice mix for my car. I have Sony CD-Rs and have never had issues until today. Made the list as I call it the "To Be Converted" list ... and it keeps spitting out the CD saying put in a blank CD. They are blank I made sure (brand new on the dang spindle). Is there something I'm doing wrong? And also if I were to get this to work, will it actually keep the names of the songs and such so when I re-import as MP3 it wont be a blank name that I have to just click and hope I remember the name while listening?

Any help is most appreciated Oh I am running a 27" iMac (I believe the specs are on the side under my name)

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