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In order to burn the image, all I did was right click it, and select "Burn IMAGE NAME to Disc." So I'm assuming it used the Mac default program to do the burning. I was not able to edit any sort of format or options, it just began to burn to the Disc automatically and immediately.

I will try to boot it in a PC in just a few moments, and will post results.

EDIT: Tried to boot it on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop by changing boot preferences in BIOS, and also by pressing the "c" key, and I was unable to get the installer to load.

However, when Windows was already loaded on this PC, after I stuck the burned DVD of Windows 7 into the disk drive, I was greeted with this message; " Your computer can't run this version of Windows. You need an installation disc that's compatible with your computer. For more information, check your computer's system information."

This computer is running Windows XP Professional, and I am sure it meets minimum requirements (minus the necessary graphics card) to run Windows 7 Professional, which is the version I am trying to install.

Hope this helps you help me!

Thanks so much!

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