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Hello forum,

This is one of my very first posts. I'm very experienced with computers, but new to Macs.

I'm using a 15" Macbook Pro 2.53Ghz 4GB Ram Intel Core 2 Duo. Brand new, mid-late 2009.

I am currently trying to install a legally downloaded version of Windows 7 x64 Professional. Downloaded from the MSDN-AA program. I burned the image onto a disc by right clicking it.

Started up boot camp assistant, partitioned my HDD (32 GB for Windows) and inserted my burned DVD. Clicked on the Start Installation button, and my Macbook Pro began to restart. After sitting at the grey start-up screen for a few seconds, I am sent to a black screen that says "No readable device, insert boot disk and press any key."

I am forced to reboot my Macbook by using the power button, and hold down the alt key to re-boot OS X. This Macbook is brand new, from mid-late 2009.

I have a tried a number of fixes, including burning the DVD at the slowest speed, holding down the alt key and entering the boot menu and then re-inserting the Windows disk (Windows DVD does not even appear as an option; only Macintosh HD), and trying to find the Windows DVD to boot from in system preferences (it does not appear there either). None of these have worked.

I desperately need access to Windows for a few of my computer programming classes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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