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Originally Posted by hughvane View Post
Pioneer 117D, affordable and reliable, eg. Pioneer DVR-118D-BK Internal [Black Bezel]... (DVR-117D-BK) at OWC; or Pioneer DVR-XD09 Black External Slim Dual Layer DVD Drive - DVRXD09S5P - Compare Prices and Buy at PriceGrabber. If you don't want the expense of an enclosure, you can connect an optical drive via ATA-USB2 adaptor.

I'd suggest though that you have a go at fixing or replacing your iBook optical drive. In what way is it "jammed"?

I'm puzzled as to why you want to install Tiger on your iBook when you already have it there. Do you wish to update to 10.4.11?
I just had a new internal HD installed in my iBook G4, so there is nothing on the drive, which is why I need to install Tiger.

I've been booting from an external HD, which is having problems too. Most likely the problems with three of my hard drives is from the numerous power outages from storms and neighbors messing around with our breaker box.

I'm also looking for three USP systems (for myself and each of my two boys) to protect our computers from further damage ... )

There is a screw that is stuck in the internal optical drive on my iBook. I can see the screw, but cannot get it out. The computer tech who installed the drive for me is coming over tomorrow to remove the screw. I'm just hoping that the internal drive is not damaged.

I need an external DVD drive anyways though, so I think it is a good investment, and it will be faster than the internal DVD drive on my iBook.

I just ordered this external DVD drive:

Lacie d2 22X DVDRW External Drive - USB 2.0, FireWire (Mac)

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