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So, WD replaced the drive and now the fun begins. I had several GB of content for my 3D apps on the drive as well as my music collection. I can easily retrieve the music as it is also on my partner's PC, but the other content will not be as easy. The run times are on a drive in my old dead PC, and it is an older IDE drive. The only PC I have access to now only has 2 SATA connections and they are both in use. I have the installers on DVD, and can download the ones I don't from the vendor. Only problem is most of them are in .exe format, but some are in .zip files. Now I have to decide if I really want to install Windows on the Mac to install the content, or just install what is in .zip files and d/l the Mac installers fro the ones I don't have backed up. They are the ones I used most anyway.

Of course, this would be a great time to really get back into learning modeling again and just make my own content when needed for a render.

****, I am rambling again so I'll shut up now and get to copying my music over again.
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