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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
WD has a very good replacement policy. If they can't "revive" your drive they'll send you an RMA.

My personal feeling about firmware is that I never update firmware unless it addresses a specific problem I'm personally experiencing. A bad firmware update will usually "kill" whatever it was supposed to "fix".

I usually don't do the firmware updates, but for some reason I did it this time. I am an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" person really. That's why I have not installed the update to fix the screen flicker issue on the 27" iMac...I don't have the problem, and if I installed the update, with my luck it would start to flicker.

Hopefully WD will have some ideas or replace the drive for me. But it does look like I will need to get an drive cradle I saw at Best Buy to get stuff off the drives in my dead PC, or stick them in my partner's PC and share them on the network.

Anyway, lesson learned and confirmed about updating things that are not broken.
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