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Nevermind folks. I found the answer in the Handbrake documentation. It says:

"You can also combine Pro Logic II and AC3 pass-through. This will give you a file that will play anywhere from QuickTime to VLC to the iPhone (using the AAC Pro Logic II track) and play in true surround sound on an AppleTV or in Perian. It is the best of both worlds, and it is only possible in the .mp4 and .mkv containers. Again, MP4 file names must, confusingly, end in .m4v for QuickTime to read them. To use this hybrid format, in the Audio tab, set the first audio track to be the track you want, in AAC sound. Then set the second track to also use the same source track, and select AC3 pass-through."

I guess the reason Handbrake defaults to this is because it is more flexible.
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