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I've been seriously looking into moving from a PC to a Mac (and I'm waiting for the updated MBPs because I'm not in any large rush for a new laptop until August) but I recently found out the college I plan on attending does not support Mac OS for the most part with my intended major. So, I'm consequently looking at doing boot camp with Windows 7 on a MBP but I've got three questions I'm hoping users on this forum can answer. I know they are probably simple but I'm looking for simple clarification.

1. Quite a few of my friends own a Mac and their laptop will not connect to some wireless networks that my PC will. If I put Windows 7 on my Mac will I be able to access those wireless networks?

2. My classes involve software that are only Windows compatible. Does this mean all this software will be stored on the Windows portion of my MBP and can only be accessed from the Windows portion?

3. What do you recommend, Parallels or V Fusion (is that what it's called)?

Thank you so much!
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