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Final Cut Studio will have no problems except for a couple of things that you may never even need.


Color: For rendering of 4K files and DPX: a graphics card with at least 512MB of VRAM

Here's a quote from Apples site about working with 4:4:4 4K color files:
Digital cinema workflows
Digital cinema workflows are used for productions that are shot on film and scanned to a high-resolution 4:4:4 2K or 4K data format. The project is edited digitally for output to film, a file for digital cinema mastering, or high-definition video. Some studios skip the film original by shooting with high-quality digital cameras that produce HD or 4K files.

Final Cut Studio is ideal for digital cinema workflows. Edit in Final Cut Pro using ProRes, then send your project to Color for color grading using the original 2K or 4K DPX media or RED RAW files. When you’re done, use Color to render DPX files for film outs or for mastering to digital cinema — all with full 4:4:4 2K or 4K quality. For broadcast or video release, you can output ProRes 422 (HQ), ProRes 4444, or uncompressed HD.
Unless you need that particular functionality, you should be more then happy with FCS on that MBP. Until I sold it two nights ago, I used FCS on a late '08 aluminum Macbook editing HD footage and it worked wonderfully (it would have worked better if I had firewire, as I had to use a USB drive for scratch which is not the desired media for a scratch folder - but that MacbookPro you referenced has a FW800 interface so you can easily use an external FW800 drive for your scratch disks)

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