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After a fateful rebooting, my previous generation macbook pro (2.2ghz 120gb, 8600M GT, 2GB) apparently has just recently (and inexplicably) become a "expensive, silver, paperweight" according to the mac genius at the apple store and they refuse to fix it for anything short of $1300-$1500 so with a heavy heart I need to start plotting my next move towards getting a new one since it would be foolish to plunk down that kind of dough to fix something a few years old when a new one is just a few hundred more...

I use Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite etc all the time and I'm looking to get a new MacBook Pro with enough juice to use these types of programs. Its not like this is my profession to use these programs and what not, or that I even use them every day, but I definitely USE my computer and want to be able to run them without it being a major problem when I need too.

I want a 15" one cheap as possible of course since my current macbook pro has died within a couple weeks of my car being wrecked. Bad things happen in pairs or something I guess...So essentially im torn over what the top priority is to save for, but anyway...

The thing im mainly getting hung up on is the graphics options for the 15"... Is the 9400M going to be enough? I would assume apple wouldn't put something in a laptop and call it "pro" without it being up for professional or at least semi-professional/casual professional type of use but I just want to check and see what you guys think. The other option is the 9400M+9600M GT in some sort of SLI configuration i guess... Im so out of the loop on graphics cards I have no idea what the performance level is of any of these.

Anyway, is the base MacBook Pro (2.53Ghz) a good choice for me? Will it be a good overall performance upgrade from my last MacBook Pro? I generally had NO problems performance-wise with any pro level programs with my last MacBook Pro so im fairly certain this one will be more than enough but I just want to get some opinions.

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