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For the base setup of the Mac, it won't ask anything too difficult - If you're going wired for network access to your router, and your router supplies an IP address via DHCP (which is the default setting in many cases) the Mac should get an IP address then it will go thru a registration phase where it will ask for some specific info from you (name, address, email address, phone number, where and how you plan to use your mac, if you want to activate and use MobileMe).

But incase it doesn't and/or you want to link in through wireless - you'll need the wireless passphrase
If you statically assign IP addresses (which isn't as common in home networks, unless being configured and used by advanced users), you'll need: IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS server - this applies to either wifi or wired.
To setup your email you'll need: Your email address, your email username (some email server just use a short user name (usually the part before the @ symbol in your email address), others use a full email address as the username), your email password (this is important), email server addresses (ie:,, also important) and whether your inbound email users pop or imap.

Once you're into the OS itself and you have your basic network settings configured you should be good to go for most things. there are directions if you search google for importing email from thunderbird into Mail on Mac if you need to transfer your email (if I recall from back when I switched, it's less painful to migrate email from thunderbird to mail then it is from outlook or outlook express to mail (which is what I had to do)).

Overall, it may sound hard, but it's really easy and you should be going in no time.

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