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Well, maybe we're "splitting hairs" here? When I said my iMac will use 240 watts per hour, I was, of course, including the use of the monitor since I would seldom use the "computer" part without the screen being on. Isn't that true or am I missing something (which isn't hard to do). So, wasn't I "right" (you said I didn't read correctly - ) when I said I read the amt. of wattage is 240 Watts? Or are you saying that it's rare to use it at its maximum. If that's the case, wonder what would the "average" usage amount to in wattage per hour? (230 watts? lol) Especially, since the iMac is an all-in-one and not with a separate tower, how often does one turn off the monitor but keep the computer on anyway? Just asking ...
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