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Nah got it in august of 2007 I believe. I'm scared to find out the price if I have to fix it... def sounds like a graphics failure to me as well but it's weird how it did it exactly on a restart and not just randomly (the moment it failed). Which is why I'm not totally convinced it's a hardware failure.

I heard of people going into comp through other comp and deleting a display file or something causing the error or something...anyone know anything about that? Like the gpu can't be recognized because of it or something?

I had been installing final cut pro before I restarted it...never seemed to finish install after I let it sit I just quit it and it seemed to be installed and running fine actually so I just thought it was a tiny glitch...basically just said it was finishing up install but never said it fully finished...although final cut worked actually. Compressor seemed a bit weird as a file I selected to open in it would open it but wouldn't actually open IN IT... Thought id uninstall and restart to try another install but screen never came back on after restart. Id imagine this could have something to do with it maybe?
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