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ok so I have an Ibook G4 which has been having some issues. when i start it up, it'll run fine for a few minutes at the most then show this screen :

i've been told mac's don't " freeze " but i don't know how else to describe what's it's doing, it'll work perfectly fine then show that screen and the only things i can press that does anything at all is the caps and number lock, when i do so the green lights go on and that's about it, nothing else happens when i press any other buttons. i originally had Tiger 10.5 i think installed, then thought it might've been a software problem so i reloaded the original OS which i think is a 10.4.2 or something like that, but it's still doing it. i wanted to take it in to the mac store but with an $80hr price tag just for diagnostics, then the labor and parts, it wasn't an option as i'll probably spend more than the ibook is worth.

i've also took out the ram, cleaned the contacts, and reseated it, and although it does read more memory now( it used to only show 512mb, after doing so it now shows 1.5gb ), this problem still happens and i'm running out of ideas
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