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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Please note:

There are several different video output types on the last several years of Macs. These can range from ADC, VGA, mini-VGA, DVI, mini-DVI, micro-DVI and mini displayport.

Bobtomay: My apologies for posting in the wrong section before. I am new to Macforums and connecting computers to TVs. Thank you for moving me to this thread

I would like to connect my TV Panasonic 720p LCD HDTV Model TC-L32x1 to my 2009 Macbook V10.5.8 2.0 I would like the sound to play through my TV.

I guess I am wondering what the difference is between using:
MiniDP to HDMI cable + HDMI cable
MiniDP to DVI + DVI to HDMI cable + HDMI cable

Is one better than the other?...and I am not sure what kind of audio cable I need.

What I have now: HDMI cable and a (useless) mini DVI to HDMI cable

I hope you or someone won't mind helping me. Thanks.
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