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Hi all, ive tried searching all over for a solution, but have come up empty.

I have a 10mth old MBP. Ive been using time machine for just as long. However, i recently changed the external HD that im using for my time machine backups.

My MBP uses about 130GB of space. The folders that i am excluding take up about 50GB. This means i should only be backing up 80GB of info onto my external HD using Time Machine. Even under the Time Machine Preferences, the estimated space says ~80GB.

However, when i start the backup, initially it say 0MB of 69GB. And then when it reaches 69GB, the amount just increases. e.g. 72.3GB of 72.3GB. 79.25GB of 79.25GB. And it just keeps going till 80+ 90GB. For some reason, it is ignoring the excluded command.

Ive tried reformating my external HD as well as disabling time machine and doing everything from scratch. But it still ignores my Excluded items.

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