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This will be my first post to all of you, but guaranteed it will be followed by countless others. My iMac 21.5 3.06 GZ 500 MB 4GB (isn't there a simple abbrev. to represent this?) is on it's way and should arrive within a week. Been a PC user since 1981 basically. I intend, at least for awhile, to occasionally use my Win. pgrms. as needed. I just happen to read a post here that mentioned his mag. mouse does NOT work when he is using Windows. Is that true? If so, what does that mean I have to do when using Windows? Unplug/plug? I currently am using a wireless MS mouse. My PC 40 GB HD (isn't that embarrassing, yet only 4.5 yrs. old!) is completely full with dire, every-15-min. warnings that my HD space is critically low (128 MG space left). Oy. Anyway, here's a couple of beg. questions in addition to the mag. mouse issue.

I never learned the "technical" stuff - just enough to get by with lots of emails w/photo attachments, Word, ACDCPro for photo org. and manip., and "fun" stuff - cards & graphics, labels, etc. A tremendous am't of web browsing/searching, too. I have the last 5 yrs. of my emails on my HD (Mozilla Thunderbird) and several prgms. which I only occasionally use but don't want to give up. I bought a WD Elements ext. HD - 1 TB - before realizing I really needed to just get a new computer, so I do still have it. HOW can I start moving all my PC stuff to this HD? What should I do FIRST (NOW) in anticipation of rec'g my iMac quite soon so I can hook 'er up, Sonny, and start using it while still being able to immed. receive and read my incoming emails? I mean, PHYSICALLY, what should I start doing NOW so I don't sit when it's here and not know where to start. I guess my biggest fear at the moment is not being able to access my email once I disconnect my PC and switch over. My two very busy sons live quite a distance and I know it will be awhile bef. they can come and help out (both PC users but recommending I get the iMac) so I'm hoping bet. you and AppleCare (3 yrs. cov'g - they won't make money on me!!) I can get going on the basics right away. Just pulling that PC plug scares me to death. BTW, we do have a wireless router in my "home office" here. Won't I have to transfer over all the AV prgms. to the HD, too, since I will still be using the Windows stuff sometimes? And, does all Windows stuff go on the external HD or can I, hopefully, put a lot on the iMac HD? Oh, so sorry for all these questions!! And thank you so much in advance.
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