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Originally Posted by DarkestRitual View Post
Yea, that's brutal! I dunno if you've checked out that other spaces stuff I mentioned, but give a setup like that a shot for a couple of days. You can then switch between the spaces with control 1-6 (or however many) or whatever other way you set it to. It's made my 13 inch MacBook so much sweeter.
I used multiple desktops when I ran Linux circa 2007 (Mandriva, RH, Suse).
I still consider myself a "switcher" since my Windows habits are not leaving my head very easily.
I always loved unix-like OSes since my undergrad computer science days.
I just updated gzip and bzip2 via macports - w00t!
Remember the "pack" command? I'll check out your setup, for now - I'm popping an Adderall and getting back to Chapter 3: Consolidations - Subsequent to the Date of Acquisition.
Maybe two Adderalls.... Better figure out what the max allowable daily dosage is.
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