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DarkestRitual is just really niceDarkestRitual is just really niceDarkestRitual is just really niceDarkestRitual is just really nice
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you can also hit it with F8, which is much easier (IMO). Also can add more spaces and stuff in the system prefs pane, which is actually really handy if you like to keep certain apps in certain spaces, like I do.

In the pref pane, just hit the plus sign to add an app, assign it a space to open in, and voila.

You can also set your adium contacts list to show in all spaces. That's what I've got. I've got a nice small trim contacts list down the lefthand side of every space, and then i fill the rest of the available screen real estate with whatever the main app is that I will be using in each space.

Space 1 is my web browser, adium chat windows, and random stuff that I open without an assigned space place. Space 2, Photoshop or WoW space (which I play in windowed mode, yet still fullscreen, so I can get growl alerts, like adium messages). Space 3, Mail/iCal. Space 4, iTunes, Space 5 word processors, and space 6 GarageBand.
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