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This is the kind of stuff I was expecting to hear. Which, doesn't surprise me. Going back to cars, I had a bad Mass Air Flow sensor on my Lexus that would've cost me $430. So, I decided to pull it apart and found a little blown capacitor on it. So, I identified what capacitor it was and soldered the new one in. It worked, and is still working to this day some 13 months later. But that was a very generic sensor, and I am sure computers are much more complex.

I am not afraid of learning, "I like learning a lot!" and this seems like fun. It will be great to know that most people wont even bother with what I am trying to learn. It's like REAL car repair. There is a way to diagnose and repair cars the proper way, 99% of the time. But most mechanics are lazy and like to rely on their "experience" and that's when return trips occur. Since our date of inception last year, our shop hasn't had ONE car come back to us for parts that broke that we worked on. That is our pride and joy, and as a hobby, it'd be a great joy to know this is what I can do. I am interested in this, but I obviously don't know jack right now. Guess I better start somewhere right! Anyway, I'll hit the books and get reading. Meanwhile, I think I'll start bidding on some junk Macbooks to fix up. I don't want to resurrect a 500mhz iBook when I can barely use it to run anything.
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