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So I have an old friend who has a Lombard and runs 10.3.9 on it. She really wants to keep up with people on Yahoo! Messenger, but alas, as is the case in the Mac world, developers haven't allowed current versions to run on releases before the rather-recent. Yahoo! Messenger itself and Adium both require Tiger at this point, though neither of them make use of a single feature that actually requires El Tigre.

Unfortunately, Yahoo loves to cut older clients out from actually working, so you get marginalized if you can't keep your OS up to date. This doesn't help someone like my friend who owns a Lombard and can't afford anything newer.

My first attempt was to edit Info.plist for Y!Msgr and change the "required system" string from 10.4.0 to 10.3.0 but it was a no-go. Still wouldn't launch... so does it require some feature of Tiger to do no more than the last crappy "beta" of Yahoo 3? Who knows.

I'm going to try something with Adium, but I just have a feeling that since the last version that runs on 10.3 is from like... two years ago... that it won't properly connect to Yahoo's servers.

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