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Whats up fellow car tuner! I've been a gear head since i could remember, i to am into the import tuners and so one. I've had about 5-6 civics, 4x240x, S2000, EVO VIII and so on. I current have an S13 coup, Silva front end, Skyline RB25.. etc etc. And i totally see where your coming from on wanting to mod other things (less expensive).

When it comes to mac's, besides a simple ram upgrade or HD replacement. I dont think there much in the "Bolt-on modification" area so to speak. I'm sure alot will have to be custom fabrications and maybe some cool retro fits. But then again I'm not a mac genius (no pun in tended), so i'm not really 100% sure.

I've only been into macs now for about 2 years, i've fully converted. I'm a full time PC tech and have built many custom PC's in my day. With PC's you can really upgrade, replace and build what ever you want. CPU, GPU, mobo's, Ram, HD's, cases, water cooling, lights etc..

I know my post wasnt very helpful, but good luck.

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