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I love Macs but am rather computer illiterate and slow. I have had a Mac since I was, well, a baby. It all started with an Apple 2e, and 10 Macs later, here I am. It's just what I am used to so I never bothered to learn PC's until I attended college. Now I have both.

Anyway, I am looking for a new hobby. I am an auto mechanic and store manager by trade, and a car tuner and "modifier" by hobby. I love working with machines and love mixing and matching parts. It gets me a 370 hp beast that runs like new, gets 27 mpg, and costs $6,500. However, my current hobby of modding cars is rather pricey. A car can rack up a bill near $10,000 just in parts if I am not careful. So, I want a cheaper but still useful hobby.


Desires: I am interested in buying "junk" Macs and repairing them.

I am also interested in modifying Macs (no PC's, not interested). Not like a hard drive replacement, but I mean an entire overhaul. Like how my Mitsubishi Eclipse turned from a stock car to a 370 hp monster. The engine, computer, turbo, A/C, etc, were all from different cars.

I have no fear of tearing into a computer, I do it all the time with cars, including repairing and restoring ECUs and sensors, something most mechanics don't bother with.

Questions: (A lot of text, I am sorry)

Can I modify an older computer (i.e) Black Macbook to run much faster? I don't mind pulling processors off and soldering in a new one, or the same goes for other parts.

When something like a motherboard fails, what usually goes wrong? Now, on a car, usually one part fails, but the rest of the car is fine, so I end up replacing the bad parts and the car works again. Does the same apply here? I know a circuit board has a lot of stuff on it.

Is there a website with modifying Mac parts around?

Anyway, I am so new to this computer world that I don't even know where to begin. So, I apologize for newbie questions, as I am about as new as they come. I understand how it is, I see newbies all the time on local car forums asking FAQs. I would search, but I don't even know what it is called that I am interested in. Computer modding? Thanks!
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