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Originally Posted by OnceYouGoMac View Post
I did some research, and found for the exact same specs, the Macbook white is cheaper and a much better value for your buck. And, the high-impact polycarbonate actually is shown to protect the internal components BETTER than the aluminum. So naturally I bought the Macbook white.
Depends on the type of damage. The polycarbonate is more elastic, so it will fare better in an egg drop type experiment (the macbook drop, yikes... that'd entice you to do your homework and do a good job, eh?). However, I'm not too worried about dropping my MB (I got the aluminum before they called it a pro). I'm in an active black metal band and record our practices a lot. My drummer, like any, but especially him, has a penchant for throwing drum sticks. I'd like to see your polycarbonate MB take a drum stick to the back of the display and be AOK. Mine does just fine. Not even dented.
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