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Hi folks,

I'm currently using a ViewSonic VX910 4:3 monitor, connected to my Mini via Mini DVI > DVI, and I'm looking to get a larger monitor in the next couple of months.

Ideally, what I'm looking for, is either a 22" or 24" 16:9 HDMI monitor, that will allow me to make use of the Minis 1080P output.

I can't afford any of Apple's offerings, so I'm in the market for an OEM brand, like Samsung (I have a Samsung TV, so know their quality) or Ilyama, but I'm also willing to listen to opinions on other brands, as well.

The monitor must have HDMI input, as I intend connecting it to either my PS3, or my XBox 360, which are both taking up precious HDMI real estate on my TV at the moment.

So, come on, folks! What are your recommendations?
Are there any brands I should give more than a cursory glance to and conversely, are there any others which I should avoid?

Thanks in advance.

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