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Before some of you just read the Title and fire off a reply, let me explain the situation and maybe you can give me more of an idea about how to go about doing what I'm trying to do.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
I'm really on an Audi RS6 kick right now and am trying to get as many pictures of them (stock and modified) that I can lay my hands on.
I've been to websites where they've set it up so that if you click on the picture gallery, it brings up the first picture in the clicking on the picture, it advances to the next picture, and so on. Now, I could Ctrl-Click / Save Image As / SAVE for each and every picture, but we're talking hundreds here.
When I used to use PC, you could just keep clicking the pictures to advance to the next one until you had gotten to the end, then navigate to the Temporary Internet Folder, sort by most recent internet stuff downloaded and there would be all of your pictures which you could then drag to a folder and rename.

However, in Firefox (on a Mac), when I type about:cache into the Firefox URL, it does bring up a cache where the LINKS to the pictures are...NOT the actual pictures. I was under the impression that (and maybe this is just the way PC's do it), if anything was displayed within your web browser, it was actually downloaded to your temporary cache...not a link to the item, but the actual item.

Is this not the case in Firefox (on a Mac)?

I'd love to be able to clickly (pun-intended) blaze through all of the Audi pix, go to a Firefox Temp folder or cache and drag those photos out. Is this doable in Firefox on a Mac?


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