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Originally Posted by Vampyre View Post
Hello again,

I'm sorry, I should have posted the solution I found... But I forgot this thread... Sorry about that...

Anyway, that's kind of strange that your movies are not imported into iMovies... iMovies take all my videos from my digital camera from iPhoto into iMovies... I couldn't tell you about iphone videos, I don't own one (yet)...

To answer my question, I finally managed to get the pictures from iPhoto into Aperture 3 with no problem... I desinstalled, and simply reinstalled... At the end of it, it started to update, and all iLife software were updated, or patched, i don't know. Now, I have a very nice link to Aperture's content in all application of iLife or iWork... I can thus easily use my picture from aperture into iMovies...

For me it's problem solved.

I wish I could answer you more constantly, but unfortunately I don't have the answer you are looking for...

Hope you find a solution though !
Thanks for your response. I guess I'll have to keep on asking around. I have other movies (non-iPhone) that do not import over to iMovie either, or maybe I just don't know how.

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