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Wow. I'm impressed.

It's been an interesting time. I got the "new" PowerBook G4, and installed the upgraded memory. Alas, found out that the system has a defective slot, so I could only take it up to a gig. So, I've arranged for an exchange. The new system ought to meet up with me at home this coming Friday, and I'll be sending this particular computer back next week.

However, until then, I've been playing with the current system. I downloaded/installed NeoOffice for the heavy-lifting stuff, and Bean for the quickie drafts and notes. Done a little bit of writing with the system. Done the email and web-browsing. It's been my constant companion for a week now, and will be with me through part of the coming week.

I am impressed. The transition over has been marvelous. And the system just plain-out performs. "Only" a gig of memory has been more than enough to deal with anything I've thrown at it. It's fast, light on it's feet. And solid.

I like this. Granted, I'm not going to be throwing my Win computer out any time soon. It is still my business/work machine, but for personal stuff... I really think I should've tried this sooner! ;-)

I am impressed!

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