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First off I want to thank you tenfold, iZach!

I turned on Apple Airport again just to get another look at the connections and it listed several 2wire connections, one of which ended in the last 3 digits that are on the bottom of my 2wire unit, and it happened to have a lock next to it. So hopefully that one is mine!

Now for one last question which will perhaps render me saying "I swear I'm not an idiot" in one of my last posts a lie. When I turned on Airport I did so once with the ethernet cable plugged in to my Macbook and 2wire, and another time without the two being plugged in together. I even had the 2wire turned off. Now my question is, by having enabled Airport and being able to see these connections and having had to enter my Macbook password to turn Airport on and off, there's no way that someone listed in the connections could have connected to my computer then or seen when I entered my password is there?

That probably sounds like a very dumb and paranoid question, but when it comes to the internet I'm sometimes afraid to even look at my computer and I'm afraid of messing something up.
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