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OK just to get a few things clear here, Macs will read NTFS drives, so by all means copy your files onto your external hard drive, once you get your mac, copy the files off the external drive onto your mac, and then reformat it. Since you can only read NTFS you wont be able to add extra files back to your external hard drive without formatting it.

FAT32 is read/writable on both Macs and PC's (Eurika !, right ?) well not quite, though it'll work on either system and you'll be able to access and add/amend your files, its generally believed that FAT32 isn't exactly the most stable format, I've heard of people getting large files corrupted on FAt32 drives, do a little googleing on FAT32 and most articles seem to hint at that thought FAT32 is alright for pen drives etc any external HDD should be formatted as something else.

Once you've got your mac and your files copied onto your mac from your external hard drive I'd say your best bet would be to format your drive using 'Disk Utility' on your Mac as Mac OSX journalised, that way any files you add to your drive will be indexed and available for speedy searching under spot light etc. That is assuming ofcourse you dont want to use your drive back on the PC ???, if you do want to try transferring files between mac and PC then a network (LAN) maybe the better way to go.

Hope that helps. Enjoy !
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