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Thanks for the link to readability. Practically it's a little difficult to use. I could hack myself a parser of a bookmarklet, but I really want to avoid the browser going through unnecessary render loops.

I have been using Opera with my own stylesheet, and in works well. I reset the author's styles, some sites don't work and some require the patience to scroll down. Both firefox and opera let you use the spacebar to scroll a page at a time; which is more user friendly.

The only thing in opera I'm missing are a few browser plugins.

If I really can't get on with a page I can switch back to the original styles.

Just to say; I have bad eye site, I'm not partially blind, and still find the web hard going on my eyes. I don't get on with small fonts and white background. I'd like to rely on perhaps the os's tools. I find using a mouse distracting in the way my hand has to move away from the keyboard; you notice the amount of apps that aren't keyboard friendly.

I'm also a programmer/web developer, and if any other developer's are reading this, you'd be wise to try the web out like this for a few days!
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