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Please forgive me if this was answered already, but, I have a MBP that is partitioned, and backed up on the mac side by time machine/capsule. I didn't give enough space to the mac os and need to increase it. In order to do so I have to erase the windows xp data. I have two questions.

One, the easiest way would be to clone the windows side, that way I don't have to re-install all the programs, let alone the passwords and everything else. How do I do this, remember I'm not a geek.

Second, it would be easier to use something like Parallels, rather than boot camp. Is the emulation just as good as running the software in a native windows environment? I have some programs that load financial data charts, etc., besides the usual stuff. And if so how do I do it?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks
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