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Originally Posted by Balders View Post
I am a little confused as to what you say here. Laptops are used a lot for travelling. Power supplies are mostly 110v/240v compatible so to say that voltage difference affects the life of a battery can only show up a weakness in the Macbook hardware. I have a Asus laptop for the moment that has travelled a bit and the battery hasn't been affected as yet.
Well, it is what I have observed and, like I said, what the Genius told me when I tried to buy an extra battery for my Macbook. I am using the white Macbook from 2007, and that was what he told me anyway. When I left for the States, my battery health was at about 80%. Over about half a year while I was there, it dropped rapidly to about 30%, only to come back to about 70% again when I returned. I'm not sure if that is any cause for concern but, I'd much rather buy my batteries in the country where I got my Macbook, really.
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