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Originally Posted by PsYkOoOoO View Post
I wouldn't recommend you to buy a Macbook Pro overseas, though. Through my own experiences, I brought my Macbook to the States for my studies last year, and the difference in voltage really killed my battery. Macbook Pros manufactured for this country has batteries specifically built for the voltage of that country. At least that is what I found out from a Genius when I visited a store once. He told me that it isn't recommended for me to buy a battery from the States if I bought my Macbook from my country.
I am a little confused as to what you say here. Laptops are used a lot for travelling. Power supplies are mostly 110v/240v compatible so to say that voltage difference affects the life of a battery can only show up a weakness in the Macbook hardware. I have a Asus laptop for the moment that has travelled a bit and the battery hasn't been affected as yet.
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